Friday, November 11, 2016

Wisteria Painting

Aren't they stunning?

I wanted a floral painting for my bedroom wall, to go just above my bedside table. I came across lovely wisteria paintings on my Instagram feed and instantly fell in love with this beautiful plant with its stunning purple flowers. I decided to do a wisteria painting and add a little personal touch to my bedroom.

I had a small canvas lying around, perfect size for what I had in mind. I used Pinterest to surf for a reference photo and did the painting in acrylics.

Later, I decided to do another wisteria painting, but this time in watercolors. I tried to paint with a looser and more abstract style, a style that I found more challenging. You can check out my work in progress photos below.

And here is the finished painting. 

What style of painting do you find challenging? Leave me your answers in the comments! 


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