Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Nature Inspired Summer Tablescape

Hi friends!

Get excited because I have a really fun summer tablescape post for you. And you can easily pull it off without spending a dime! Believe me. All you need to do is look around the house for can-be-turned-into-decorations treasures. Because that's exactly what I did.

I was recently inspired by Arhaus to share post-holiday tablescape ideas, and I had the perfect excuse to do some decorating but without spending any dollar. (Btw you should check them out. They have some amazing, swoon-worthy pieces. Oh boy, I would love to have one of these!!!)

I decided to go for a colourful nature inspired theme and built the whole tablescape around it. Summers is, after all, all about sunshine and dining alfresco. And colorful butterflies. 

I decided to use bright summery colors like yellow and pink. I looked through my stash of craft fabric for a piece that could be turned into a runner and found one that went perfectly with my summer theme! To make the print pop, I decided to layer it - so out came my white quilt cover, a perfect backdrop to what I had in mind!

Next, I surrounded the runner with faux leaves garland and painted yellow and pink butterflies and added them to the garland. If you don't have artificial leaves garland, you can easily make one with green paper cut in the shape of leaves and stitched together. You can also add fairy lights to the garland for that extra oomph for when the sun goes down.

For napkins, I simply wrapped left over crepe paper from Inaya's Little Birdie themed first birthday party, added twigs, leaves and a yellow butterfly to complete the look.

Common household items like sauce jars, tins and bottles made perfect vases for leaves, flowers and um some fabric flowers. And when placed inside a basket they made a perfect centerpiece, ideal for any table.

I again used a jar to act as a cutlery holder and added some grey stones.

Lastly, I hung lanterns and added candles for a magical evening. And that is it, you are done with summery bright tablescape setting. Was't it easy?  I just love how it all came together from things already in my home.

Since I love you guys so much for following my little blog, here are some more ways to go about setting a fresh summer table.

Simply add some paint to water to achieve this look. 

You can create this with scattered stones, fresh flowers in a bottle, tea light candles, and leaves inside a jar. You can also add some twinkle lights along with leaves for a magical effect. 

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I had fun creating it for you guys. I would love to hear your thoughts so please leave some love by commenting below.

Cheers until next time! xx


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Watercolor Floral Heart Tutorial

Happy Sunday you all!

I am so excited to share another easy watercolor tutorial with you guys for Valentine's Day. In my previous post, we painted a leafy valentine heart, how about some florals this time? Let's fill the heart with pretty lilacs.

To create a floral heart, gather the following supplies:

Watercolor paper
Watercolor paints 
Pencil and eraser
Sketchbook/scrap paper

First practise painting lilacs in your sketchbook/or scrap piece of paper. Mix ultramarine blue and alizarin crimson with lots of water for a light shade of purple. Next load your brush and paint four dots or petals to represent a lilac flower.  Add more flowers around the first one that you just painted.

Then add more blue to your mixture to make a darker shade of purple and paint more lilacs to fill the spaces in between.  Keep adding more flowers and vary the shade.

Using sap green, add in the stems. Load your brush with black paint or mix a blackish purple and paint a tiny dot in the center of each flower.

Great, you have learnt how to paint simple watercolor lilacs. Give yourself a pat on the back :)

Now lightly sketch a heart on your watercolor paper and repeat what you just did in your sketchbook. Fill the heart with lilacs, starting from the lightest shade of purple to represent flowers in the front. Then use darker shades to represent flowers at the back. Play with different shades of purple and wet on wet technique to create interest in your work.

Once you have filled the heart with beautiful lilacs, erase the pencil marks. And you are done. Wasn't it easy? 

I hope I have inspired you  to create your own watercolor valentine hearts this year. Have a fabulous day! xx

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Leafy Watercolor Valentine Heart Tutorial

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, it is never too early to start preparing for it.

If you are looking for a diy and something that involves paints (and color other than red:p) then I have just the tutorial for you.  You can either frame the final painting or turn it into a card for your loved ones. 

To create your very own leafy valentine heart art, gather the following supplies:

Watercolor paper 
Green watercolor paint (or your preferred color)
Tracing paper 

Begin by printing out your leafy heart template

Transfer the leaves onto your watercolor paper using a tracing paper.

Next, grab some green paint and start painting. I painted the leaves using both wet on wet and wet on dry wash technique. You can learn more about the techniques here and here. Or check out the little video of me painting these leaves here

Let your painting  dry. And that's it. Wasn't it easy? You can play with colors, go for an ombré look or add text on top with acrylic paint. The possibilities are endless once you let your imagination flow :)

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Stay tuned for another easy-peasy one with some florals this time.

Cheers until next time xx

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

For The Love Of Florals

I have been busy painting watercolor florals. They are so much fun to paint!

I had a wonderful time painting these blue roses with shimmering silver leaves.

Painting loose florals can be addictive. And I would love to paint a lot more!




But for now, these three are in the shop

Have a fabulous week!