Monday, February 27, 2017

DIY Magnetic Picture Hanger

Ever since I got back to painting, I have been looking for exciting and inexpensive ways to hang my art. I first saw these wood frames on Pinterest and instantly fell in love. I just had to make one for myself but without breaking the bank! 

I am so stoked at how these turned out and I love how easy it is to change my artwork whenever I want without the hassle that comes with boxed frames. So if you are like me and love switching artwork then read on to learn how to make these for yourself. The best part, you can create this in whatever size you want!  

Four pieces of Balsa wood
Magnetic strip
2 Eye Screws

Begin by cutting and sanding your balsa strip to the size you want. You will need four strips.

Next,  grab a cloth and stain the wood in your choice of color. I went with "coffee bean" by Pascol.

Allow the stain to dry then cut and glue magnetic strip on one side of the wood. Repeat with the remaining three strips.

Then take one of the wood strip and measure half inch in from either ends and mark. Twist eye screws into the points you just marked until fully in. 

Thread your string through the eye screws and tie a knot. Optional- you can add beads or any other ornament before you tie the knot.

Now lay the piece with the eye screws down so that the side with the magnetic strip is facing up. Lay your artwork on top, straight and centered. Then place another strip on top so that the two magnets are facing each other. Do the same for the bottom of your artwork. And that's it: your beautiful wall art is all set to hang.


I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. If you love the Wisteria painting above, you might enjoy looking at more in my previous post

Have a lovely week! xx

P.S: If you followed this tutorial to create your very own picture hanger, then please do share. I would love to see it! :)

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Wisteria Watercolor Paintings

Guys, I am so thrilled to finally finish my wisteria paintings, a sneak peek of which I shared in my last post. The paintings are now available on my Etsy store. They make perfect accent pieces to get your room out of a rut and infuse it with warmth and color. And together they make for a stunning wisteria gallery wall! 

If you'd like to purchase original paintings, click here. And if you simply wish to see how the finished paintings look, then scroll down :) 

This wooden frame is love! I have a tutorial on it coming soon. To stay in the loop with my latest posts, be sure to enter your email address in "Follow by email" and press "Submit" (it's right there on the left hand side bar!)

Have a nice day you all! xx 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Watercolor Wisterias Work In Progress

I hope everyone is having a fabulous month.
It is whizzing by so quickly! Or is it just me who thinks so?!

I am busy working on a little collection for my Etsy shop and really excited with how it is coming along. Here is a sneak peek and work in progress photos of my new collection. It will be available in my shop soon. I hope you like it!


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Watercolor Heart Paintings For Valentine's Day

It is that time of the year already!

And if you are still struggling and looking for last minute inspiration or diy, worry not because I have you covered! Just click on the link to be taken to the relevant project post with easy, step by step instructions.

Watercolor Valentine Hearts - Wet on wet, Ombré and Striped

Leafy Watercolor Valentine Heart

Watercolor Floral Heart

Have fun painting for your loved ones.

Happy Valentine's Day to all!