Monday, November 7, 2016

Watercolor Texture Techniques Tutorial

Ready for a watercolor tutorial?
Let's start with something fun!
Like textures.

Those wonderfully gorgeous textures created just by dripping, sponging, splattering, and more.

So let's have fun exploring some of the ways you can create texture and add interest to your painting. 

But before we begin, gather the following supplies -
Scrap paper cut into 4 inch squares
Paint brush
Cling wrap
Tissue paper

Lay a very wet wash of ultramarine. While the wash is still wet drop in yellow and orange. Then quickly sprinkle some salt. Brush off the salt when the paint dries.

You can make splatters using either your paint brush or a toothbrush. Both will create different effects. Simply load your brush with paint, then holding it close to paper use your fingers to flick the bristles of the brush. Add different colors for a fun effect.

Brush Splatter
Toothbrush Splatter

Load your brush with lots of water and paint. Hold the brush directly above your paper and let the paint drip down on to the paper. You can tilt or blow on it with straw for some cool effects.

I used kitchen paper for this. Dip your kitchen paper in some wet paint. Then dab it on to paper. You can play by adding different colors.

Cling wrap
Brush on a wash of paint and while it is still wet place a crinkled piece of cling wrap on top and press it down with your fingers. Allow it to dry before you remove the cling wrap.

You can combine more than one technique to add that extra oomph to your work. Have fun exploring these techniques!


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