Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thomas The Train Party With Free Printables!

Chugga-chugga! Choo-choo!

Hello everyone!
Remember how I'd been working on Mikaeel's second birthday party? Well, it has been more than a month but I am so happy to finally be sharing it (mind you the post has lots of pictures with printable FREEBIES at the end). But hey, you can easily pull off a similar train-themed birthday party for your kiddo's next birthday! :)

My sister wanted to celebrate Mikaeel's 2nd birthday with a train-themed birthday party (we did Sesame Street on his first one!). So we decided on Thomas the train as our theme and settled on blue, red and yellow as our main colors with a bit of green thrown in. 

I started with the invites. I had fun making cookie monster and elmo cards and I felt evelope cards would be great because I wouldn't have to worry about creating separate envelopes. Besides they are super quick and easy to whip up. I got the train images off the internet, changed them somewhat using Photoshop, and then proceeded to design the card.

For a more professional look, I printed some of the text on tracing paper and the rest on white printing paper and then sealed off the envelope with a Thomas image. 

Next came the banner. I wanted it to say, "Happy Birthday Mikaeel" with each word hanging from a different string but brought together at both ends with large crepe paper flowers. I also wanted the wall behind the banner covered in  yellow crepe paper. So for "Happy Birthday" I stuck with red and blue and for "Mikaeel" I went for a train look (my sister's idea!). And I am so glad that I did because it looked really cute! 

I also made a small banner that said "Mikaeel" for the food table. I simply used this template for colored triangles and then pasted them onto 1/4 inch larger triangles cut from black chart paper. Using blue piping, I hand-stitched them together. 

Then I made lots of crepe paper flowers.

Simply love how they turned out! (UPDATE: click here for the tutorial)

No party is complete without a door-sign.

And let's not forget party favors! I got the template for these here, printed it out on blue printing paper and assembled. I created "Thank you for coming" on photoshop and stuck it on all party favors.

For the table, I wanted  to create a cupcake train. But since I was short on time, I decided to go with a simple food train. I made the engine out of thick cardstock, created slits in the front and back wheel and inserted a rectangular piece of cardstock so that the engine could stand on its own!

And made some cute food labels so the guests wouldn't have to ask or skip over a particular food.

I even made a photobooth backdrop for the party! Using UHU patafix I adhered crepe paper to the wall and pasted train cut outs and paper flowers on it. It was an instant hit with the guests!

And now for some free printables.

food label



  1. Awesome work,darling. Thank you so much :-)

  2. This is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  3. Thank you so much for sharing all these.

  4. Hey! This was such a cute party! I am planning a party for my little one and wanted to know how you printed on the tracing paper?

    1. Hey thanks! I created text in photoshop and using my deskjet printed the text onto an a4 sheet of tracing paper. The type of paper you use and your printer will determine whether you can print or not. If the paper is too thin it might not feed through the printer. The one I used is stiffer than a tissue paper. I hope this helps and all the best with the party! x

  5. Thanks for the free printables and the guide. Train theme for my son's second birthday and this is very helpful

  6. Is there a web site that has a template for the amazing inviations!? Absolutely loved these and wanting to do this for my son's 2nd Thomas the Train birthday party!

    1. Hey, you can download the envelope template from here


  7. Can not figure out how to print the printable s. Any suggestions?

    1. Hello, all you need to do is right click on the printable image and choose "save image as" from the dialog box that appears. Save your printable and then go to the folder where you saved it. Open the printable image and select print from the top toolbar and print.