Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Project - Message in a Tea Cup

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day!
Let's surprise family with love and creativity.

Make these lovely paper tea cups and message tags for every member of your family and set them on dinning table or anywhere else where they are sure to be seen.

Before we begin,  head over to  Next to Nicx to learn how to make these adorable paper tea cups.Then come back for message tag tutorial.

For message tag gather the following supplies:
1.5" by 3" piece of cardstock in your color of choice
2 small heart cut-outs left over from Valentine Bookmarks
thread and need

brown marker
punching machine

Curve the top corners of the tag. I used kitchen paper roll to get the curves right.

Punch a hole through the top.

Trim down one heart and center it on top of the larger heart. Fold. 

Grab your needle and thread and stitch the two hearts onto the tag.

Knot the two ends together on the back.

Secure thread/ribbon. I have explained how to do so in detail here.

Add text.(My message went on the back)

 With a brown marker circle around the punched hole.

Place tag inside cup and that's about it.

Simple and cute display of love for family!

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