Friday, February 22, 2013

Announcing the Young Entrepreneurs Exhibition II (The Spring Bash)

Oh my god! It is actually happening!!!

A few weeks back, the super awesome and super talented girl behind Regenbogen invited me to display my stuff at her stall. While my mind was going insane with "what? really? ohmygod! shyt!less than a month!will i manage? ohmygod! yaay! oh god less than a month!" I agreed. Even though my stock is pretty much limited I felt this would be a wonderful opportunity to market my blog and get my business off the ground.

So while juggling between family, blog posts and party decorations I have been getting to know my sewing machine and I am glad to share we have built quite a relationship. There are (and will be) moments of frustration but we've been getting along pretty well. And I am so happy with the way my patterns are turning out!

The event will be great and so many awesome apparel and accessories designers are participating. SO please come by and be sure to introduce yourself! I would LOVE to see you there!!

Image source: Kolachi Events

Venue: Grandeur Art Gallery
Day: 2 March 2013
Timing: 11 a.m to 9 p.m

I will keep you guys updated on my facebook page. So all those new to my blog, click on facebook icon on top right and give thebloomingorchids a BIG LIKE.


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  1. it was fantastic! I love my bag :D you should put up some pictures here so everyone can see!