Friday, December 7, 2012

Let's make some STAMPS

You’ve never made stamps before? :O

Not to worry! Below is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make one in no on!

So a bit of internet searching will tell you stamps can be made from linoleum, eraser and even potato (I doubt the latter will last more than one or two prints). But the stamps I am going to share with you today are made from something that you will already have in the house. 

Yes, a SPONGE!

So let’s get started. Things you’ll need:

Sponge ((I prefer scotch bright because it has a scratchy backing that acts as a built-in handle but you can use any)
Craft knife

Start off by drawing a simple design on paper or use designs from this template.  

Cut out your design and trace it on to your sponge. It’s important for the traced image to be a mirror image for the stamped image to turn out the way you intend it to. Simply put, once you draw the image, flip so that the pencil mark touches the sponge, and now trace around your design.

Then grab your craft knife and cut. Begin by cutting into the traced lines first…

then slice away the excess sponge (not-part-of-the-design parts) with your craft knife and remove with scissors.

Next remove bits of sponge around your design.

Continue cutting away until your design stands out. Squeeze out some paint onto your palette and dip your stamp in.

Stamp your design onto some scrap paper to see if you need to refine the edges.

If not, simply stamp away!

(Do not discard any of your prints, not even the bad ones. Read on to see how i put those to use!)

For a mottled effect, dip into paint, lift and stamp.

For a more solid image, load brush with paint and cover the stamp completely before stamping.

Cut out ALL your prints, darken the edges with a marker, punch and string them up!

don't they look festive and pretty?

will make lovely Christmas decor :)

Now spruce up label tags..


and all that you can think of with your stamp!

Happy stamping!


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