Thursday, November 22, 2012

TUTORIAL: Make your own stencil

So what do you do when there’s a to-die-for stencil but it is way out of your budget? Or, as always, it will not get shipped to your address? (trust me this happens ALL the time when you are living in my part of the world! SIGH…)

Well, you certainly don’t give up on it. You can make one similar to it and the method to do so is quite simple. Truly!… and the best part is you can make a stencil in any design you want. Oh yeah!

Let's get started! 

What you need for this project: 
  1.  Pattern/design of your choice  
  2. Transparency   
  3. Craft knife/Cutter   
  4. Cutting board   
  5. Fixative   
  6. A4 printing paper

Oh yes, that’s it! 

First choose a pattern and use any photo-editing software and crop it down/ or enlarge it to the size you want. Change the color to black n white/gray scale and print your design directly onto a transparency. I like to leave my transparency under the fan for some hours before I apply fixative. Print the same design on to your A4 printing paper.

Next, flip the transparency over.  Tape the corners of your paper onto the transparency, making sure design on the transparency and paper match up. I feel this step makes design clearer and cutting a lot easier. 

Now flip your page over so the transparency is on top..

Another alternative is to print the design onto a regular printing paper ONLY and tape it onto your transparency. Or you can use carbon paper to trace your design directly on to the transparency. Just go with whichever method you find easy!

Next, take you craft knife/cutter and start cutting away. You might want to go slowly if the design is intricate. 


 Peel off your tape and remove the paper..

Voila! just made a perfect stencil. And wasn’t it easy?


And I decided to make a few more..

Now go on, make one for yourself. Stencil your wall, fabric, or anything that takes your fancy and change it dramatically with one simple stencil. See how I did it here on storage boxes! Go on, give it a try. And do send me pictures. I’d LOVE to see what you come up with!

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