Friday, November 23, 2012

Easy peasy DIY stenciled storage box

Wow, I never realized stenciling could be so much fun until now. It is amazing how you can transform an ordinary item most likely destined for the garbage into something beautiful.  And believe me, the entire process can be SO MUCH FUN! 

Today I'm going to share with you how to fancy-up old cardboard boxes and create inexpensive storage for your craft-room supplies. I was lucky to have enough cardboard boxes stashed up in the attic (which in my case is more like a kitchen turned things-that-might-come-in-handy-someday room) and when I was setting up my work space  I realized I have a lot of stuff which needed to be organized and stored.  I briefly considered buying one of those colorful plastic drawers but they were too expensive! So I got thinking and that’s when I came up with the idea to utilize old cartons and transform them in to storage boxes.  And believe me it’s a SUPER-cheap way to create storage from materials easily available at home. And they look beautiful, too. Gosh, I was super excited about this project and simply love the way it all turned out! Yaaayeee me! 

Let's get started. 

What you will need for this project:
  1. Paper 
  2. Poster paints 
  3. Stencil 
  4. Brush/roller 
  5. Tissues/Rag 
  6. Container 
  7. Masking tape 
  8. Cutter/Craft knife 
  9. Glue 
  10. Scissors 
  11. Mixing palette

Cut the flaps off off your box with scissors. Use your measuring tape to measure up the length and width of one side of your box (this will be the front and back of the box). Note down this measurement. Now, rotate your box and take the measurement of the narrow side of the box in the same manner (these will be the sides). 

Cut your paper according to the measurement..

Decide on the stencil you want to use. You can easily make your own stencil and yes, I have a tutorial on it right here or you can get one at an art shop. I prefer making my own since the possibilities with it are endless

Tape your paper onto your working surface. Take your stencil and decide how you want your design to appear and tape it on top of the paper. I wanted a simple repeat so I started on the top left, went down and then up and down again

Mix you color in a palette. I wanted to go for a nice shade of blue, so I mixed cobalt blue, virdian hue and white and added just enough water.

Next load your roller with paint. Remember; do not overload it, and blot of excess paint onto a paper towel. I did not do so at first so my paint seeped under the stencil. Next, roll your brush over the stencil in a back and forth motion. 

Wait for the first coat to dry before lifting off the stencil. Simply repeat the process for as many stencil prints as you want!  No need to clean a stencil in between repeats, unless you’re switching colors from dark to light. Stencil the remaining pieces of paper in a similar manner then wait for it all to dry before moving on to the next step.

Grab your box and glue the stenciled pieces of paper on to the sides, front and back accordingly.

And Voila! You are done!

They are perfect for stashing all sorts of supplies..

odds and ends
 and are pleasing to the eye!


Spray paint the inside if you want to do away with the cardboard look
Or glue fabric instead of paper 

Have fun making your own and be sure to share your pictures with me!


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  1. That's a really great idea! Thanks for sharing!