Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Leafy Watercolor Valentine Heart Tutorial

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, it is never too early to start preparing for it.

If you are looking for a diy and something that involves paints (and color other than red:p) then I have just the tutorial for you.  You can either frame the final painting or turn it into a card for your loved ones. 

To create your very own leafy valentine heart art, gather the following supplies:

Watercolor paper 
Green watercolor paint (or your preferred color)
Tracing paper 

Begin by printing out your leafy heart template

Transfer the leaves onto your watercolor paper using a tracing paper.

Next, grab some green paint and start painting. I painted the leaves using both wet on wet and wet on dry wash technique. You can learn more about the techniques here and here. Or check out the little video of me painting these leaves here

Let your painting  dry. And that's it. Wasn't it easy? You can play with colors, go for an ombré look or add text on top with acrylic paint. The possibilities are endless once you let your imagination flow :)

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Stay tuned for another easy-peasy one with some florals this time.

Cheers until next time xx

More V-day projects that I have done in the past, that might inspire you. Simply click on the picture to be taken to the relevant project post.


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