Sunday, January 25, 2015

Easy Sew Kitchen Towels DIY

I have a lot of scrap fabric.
It's one of the things I brought with me when I moved abroad after my marriage. 
And I am so glad that I did!

The other day while working in the kitchen I realized I needed more kitchen towels - cause there is no such thing as too many kitchen towels! But I was not willing to spend $8 on it. This led me to my fabric stash and I was happy to find some really pretty pieces that will go well in my kitchen :) 

Sewing kitchen towel is super easy! And they not only jazz up your kitchen but also make wonderful housewarming presents. So lets get sewing shall we? 

Begin by selecting your fabric. Press it to remove wrinkles before cutting it to 20" x 24"

Measure and mark 1/2" all around.

Fold over the raw edges at 1/2" mark and using a hot iron press your fold. This just makes sewing easy.

Sew the folded edges in place.

Next cut a 1"x7" piece of fabric for the loop (you can omit this part if you don't wish to hang your kitchen towel)

Fold it in half wrong sides together and press. 

Do a zig zag stitch along the folded raw edge.

Decide where you want the loop on your towel and then sew it in place.

Lastly, fold over the edges one more time and sew. When you come to the loop, simply press it on the other side away from the fabric with your finger and sew over it. 

And you are done!

Give yourself a good pat on the back - you've just made your first kitchen towel! 


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