Friday, January 11, 2013

TUTORIAL: Accordion fold card

We made Simple Greeting Card in my last post. Let's try a new twist and make the card more fancy.

Let's add some accordion pleats!

They are so much fun to make and sure to impress your recipient.

Initially I thought of doing an accordion card with some accordion flowers (using the accordion flower tutorial right here!). But then a friend asked for a 'lovey dovey' one so I went with hearts instead.

Let's begin!

You will need:
Design Template 
White cardstock 
Black cardstock
Patterned cardstock red/pink
Scissors/Craft knife
Golden marker
Foam tape
Needle and a golden thread

Cut 5.5" by 14" rectangle from white card stock for the card. Mark and score at 2.5", 2", 2.5" and 1.5". Do not fold/crease yet.

Cut a piece of rectangle 1/4" larger than the card from black cardstock for the cover. Center and adhere card onto cover.

Crease card and fold along the scored lines to create your pleats. Set card aside.

Print design template and trace heart pattern #1, #2 and #3 onto patterned paper and cut with normal scissors and a few with pinking shears. I created my own patterns on red and pink cardstock.

For this effect, simply splatter white and red acrylic paint using a toothbrush.

Remember how we painted this tote?? I painted the stripes in the same way. But before applying masking tape to paper, tape it on the back of your hand and remove. Repeat. This will prevent the paper from tearing when you remove the masking tape.

You will be layering the hearts in a bit to create two sets consisting of three hearts each.

Fold heart #2 and #3 along the center and open. Repeat for the second set.

Now layer the hearts with the largest at the bottom, followed by heart #2 and then heart #3.

Using a golden thread make a stitch in the center, flip and tape off the ends. Repeat for the other set. This is how it should look:

Adhere one set on first panel, and second on third.

Trace "Love" from template onto red cardstock. Cut and adhere with foam tape. See photograph below. Using golden marker, dot around Love. 

Cut 3.5" by 2" piece of rectangle (or larger, depending on the size of your message) from black cardstock. Using golden marker and ruler, draw lines onto strip. Dot around three sides. Add your message and adhere onto inside of card.

Cut a few more hearts and adhere onto inside of card.

And that's about it!

Now go on, brighten someone's day with LOVE. (updated)



  1. YAY!!! LOVE IT!!! thankkkkkkkkks! mikey looks adorable! he can have my card :p

  2. ^i take it you were the friend who asked for a lovey dovey card

  3. great idea and great execution by the way maryam! its beautiful